My Long Toenails

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Fan Mail

Oh My God!


What beautiful toes you have! Yours are the best on the web, bar none! Your feet are perfect and have such character; I can instantly recognize them when I see them in various places on the web. No one is the complete package like you: extremely sexy arches, beautifully formed toes and nails and the smoothest-looking soles! Personally, the pics with your nails cut semi short with a french pedicure is the hottest thing I've ever seen! But all the pics are a few cuts above all other foot sites on the web. Keep them coming...


False Advertising!


Kindly allow me to humbly point out some false advertising you have on your site. You claim that, via your site and the pictures of your feet, the viewer can "enjoy the most beautiful feet on the Net." That is false advertising....because it soooo understates the fact. Your site, and the pictures on it, enable the viewer to enjoy the most beautiful feet ANYWHERE!! Period! Yes, you, dear lady, have the most beautiful feet I have ever laid eyes on.

One other statement on your site puts it more succinctly and portrays it more accurately: "Let me take your breath away!" Indeed. Your feet are not only beautiful; they are even more than gorgeous; they are truly breathtaking!! I do not even need to be looking at your site. A mere recollection of a picture previously seen tends to take my breath away....time and time again.

Thank you, Ann... (and sorry for the false lead-in).

A Huge Fan in Texas

Artsy Feet!

Dear Ann,

     You have elevated bare feet to a wonderful and exciting art form that is worthy of display in renowned art museums! The photo of you holding a glass of wine with your feet is what I'm referring to and this is so creative as well as exciting to the lover of beautiful bare feet such as yours! I have been an observer of bare feet for many, many years and of the opinion that if more people would concentrate their attention and energy on looking for and enjoying bare feet the world would be a much kinder and gentler place! The world spents too much time on things that are of little lasting value while the joy of lovely bare feet last forever. Life is too short with things like 9/11 & hurricane Katrina to not enjoy what is really most important such as the ever-present beauty of bare feet. I agree with you and dislike the coming of cool weather when feet go into hiding. I have a suggestion for photos--something like Gypsy feet with a number of anklets or an exotic look with toe rings. Your feet bring so much beauty into the lives of people such as myself and it is so good to be able to tell you this!


Those Toes

I look for sexy feet and toes all the time , in fact I work in the film industry in L.A., and I've never seen toes as nice as yours. I would die to see pix of you dancing barefoot in a Harley bar with a summer dress, to also show your sexy legs. The bottoms of your feet, looking like a footprint, from getting filthy. At that point, you would probably need someone to clean them spotless for you :) If not the bar, at a grocery store, or parking lot, dance studio with hardwood floors, oh my God, your feet would be great anywhere, just as long as they are propped up afterwards on the sofa or kitchen table, or a comfortable face, to show how dirty they can get!


about ANN's Feet

Is it possible to tell ANN She is a Goddess and that She owns the best Feet i have ever seen? i'm allan, French slave in love with these wonderful Feet. i beg ANN to deign allow me Her permission to worship Her Feet pics.
i crawl humbly at Her Feet

slave allan

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